For Small Creatures Such as We

BOOK REVIEWFor Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World by Sasha Sagan 2019 About the AuthorSasha Sagan holds a degree in Dramatic Literature from NYU. She has worked as a television producer, filmmaker, editor, and speaker in New York, Boston and London, and her writing has appeared in New … Continue reading For Small Creatures Such as We

A Billion Years

BOOK REVIEWA Billion Years: My Escape From a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology by Mike Rinder 2022 About the AuthorMike Rinder was raised as a Scientologist from early childhood. He went on to serve as Scientology’s international spokesperson and as the head of its Office of Special Affairs and was a member of … Continue reading A Billion Years

Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus

BOOK REVIEWBeyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Memoir of a Discoveryby Thomas L. Brodie 2012 About the AuthorThomas L. Brodie, OP (born 1943) is a Dominican priest who worked in academia and has published books on the Christ myth theory. He argues that both Jesus and Paul did not exist as historical figures, and … Continue reading Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Alone in an Untamed Land

BOOK REVIEWAlone in an Untamed Land: The Filles Du Roi Diary of Helene St. Ongeby Maxine Trottier 2016 About the AuthorA prolific writer and educator, Maxine Trottier makes history come alive in picture books and novels for young readers. Her award-winning titles include Claire's Gift, which won the Mr. Christie's Book Award, The Paint Box, … Continue reading Alone in an Untamed Land

The King of Madison Avenue

BOOK REVIEWThe King of Madison Avenue:: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertisingby Kenneth Roman 2010 About the AuthorKenneth Roman worked directly with David Ogilvy at Ogilvy & Mather for 26 years, beginning as an account executive and rising up to eventually become Chairman and CEO. He is the co-author of several books, including … Continue reading The King of Madison Avenue

Constantine Tischendorf

BOOK REVIEWConstantine Tischendorf: The Life and Work of a 19th Century Bible Hunterby Stanley E. Porter 2015 About the AuthorStanley E. Porter (born November 23, 1956) is a Canadian–American academic and New Testament scholar, specializing in the Koine Greek grammar and linguistics of the New Testament. Since 2001, he has served as President, Dean, and … Continue reading Constantine Tischendorf

Apollonius of Tyana in Legend and History

BOOK REVIEWApollonius of Tyana in Legend and Historyby Maria Dzielska About the Book"The earliest and by far the most detailed source is the Life of Apollonius of Tyana, a lengthy, novelistic biography written by the sophist Philostratus at the request of empress Julia Domna. She died in 217 AD[5] and he completed it after her … Continue reading Apollonius of Tyana in Legend and History