From the Company of Shadows


From the Company of Shadows

By Kevin Shipp 2012

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About the Author

In describing his background, Kevin Shipp says, “During my career at the CIA, I functioned as an internal CIA staff security officer, federal investigator, protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, chief of training for the CIA police force, assistant counter assault team leader, operational security team leader, counterintelligence investigator, Counter Terrorism Center officer, international information systems security officer, polygraph examiner and federal police officer.”

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About the Book

From the book cover, “The CIA is a unique federal organization.  It operates under a thick canopy of secrecy. Covert agents killed in the line of duty become lonely stars etched into the wall of CIA headquarters.  Those officers that live must remain seated at ceremonies recognizing patriots that serve openly in the military; sacrificing the recognition they so often deserve.  This can be a lonely experience.  Kevin Shipp knows that feeling.  The sacrifices CIA officers have made, including risking their lives, remain hidden; locked away in their memories.  For many officers, it is a unique brand of courage that will never be known. This book is about that Agency and the life of one of those officers. It is written to provide a three hundred and sixty degree view of the CIA and how it operates; in the light and in the dark.  Kevin Shipp risked his life in service to the CIA and his country.  That same courage would later place him between the CIA and the US Constitution. He would become one of the only CIA officers in history to publicly stand up against one of the most powerful agencies in the world. 

..Included with excerpts from his previous book In From the Cold: CIA Secrecy and Operations, Shipp provides additional detail disputing the account of reporter Bob Woodward’s alleged deathbed conversation with CIA Director William Casey during the Iran Contra Affair.”

From the Author, “Writing a book about the CIA is unique challenge.  Every word in every line of the manuscript must be approved by the CIA before it can be released, even to a publisher.  The author must vet and edit his or her own work for much of the journey. It is a significant burden that can take months of back and forth approvals and disapprovals, until the skirmish is finally over.  Some publishers are afraid of taking on the CIA by producing a book that calls the actions of the Agency into question. This was especially true for From the Company of Shadows. In this book, much of my writing has exposed activities the CIA has engaged in that are embarrassing and call into question its adherence to the Constitution. Running a manuscript by the CIA for approval is like submitting a crime report to the bugler before it is filed.  It is not an easy task. So, every word that has made it into this book is precious. I am certain some of the information is like concentrated lemon juice; causing the reader to pucker a little. Restrictions of secrecy have prevented me from expanding further.” 

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