Beyond the Crusades

Beyond the Crusades: Christianity’s Lies, Laws and Legacy
by Michael Paulkovich 2016

About the Author
Michael Paulkovich is a contributing editor for The American Rationalist, columnist for American Atheist magazine since 2012, contributor to Free Inquiry, Humanist Perspectives and other journals; inventor and retired NASA Space Systems Engineer.

About the Book
This is an expanded and updated revision of the author’s “No Meek Messiah” first published in 2012. The new title reflects how this book is about much more than a simple misapprehension of the Jesus character, and Robert M. Price has offered a foreword.
This book fiercely exposes Christendom from its roots predating Judaism, through fabrication of the Jesus tales and its history of oppression. It provides exhaustive evidence for the fraudulent origins, forgeries, and horrors committed in the name of Jesus.

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