Secret Origins of the Bible

Secret Origins of the Bible
by Tim Callahan 2002

About the Author
Tim Callahan has written numerous articles on religion and mythic themes in popular belief, as well as book reviews, for Skeptic Magazine.

He has also had articles published in the Humanist. For many years he has studied the myths of the Mesopotmians, Egyptians, Canaanites and Greeks as well as those of the Celtic, Teutonic and Slavic peoples.

About the Book
• Clearly written and easily understandable by the lay reader.
• Thoroughly researched: author’s points are backed by references in the writings of acknowledged scholars.
• Special features of the book: lavishly illustrated with multiple images in each illustration that show at a glance the mythic themes paralleling the bible.

This book demonstrates that the stories and themes of the Bible were part of the great mythic systems of the ancient world by u sing comparative mythology, tell tale verses in the Bible and archaeology. The abstract God of modern monotheistic Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a comparatively recent creation. In later times the myth of a messianic deliverer was combined with that of the pagan god-man who suffered a horrible, excruciating death but was physically resurrected to produce the Christ myth.

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