The Origins of Judaism

The Origins of Judaism: An Archaeological-Historical Reappraisal by Yonatan Adler 2022

About the Author
Yonatan Adler is associate professor in the department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Ariel University in Israel. He has served as a member of the State of Israel’s Council for Archaeology since his 2018 appointment by the Minister of Culture.

About the Book
Groundbreaking research that utilizes archaeological discoveries and ancient texts to revolutionize our understanding of the beginnings of Judaism

“A bravura study.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Throughout much of history, the Jewish way of life has been characterized by strict adherence to the practices and prohibitions legislated by the Torah: dietary laws, ritual purity, circumcision, Sabbath regulations, holidays, and more. But precisely when did this unique way of life first emerge, and why specifically at that time?

In this revolutionary new study, Yonatan Adler methodically engages ancient texts and archaeological discoveries to reveal the earliest evidence of Torah observance among ordinary Judeans. He examines the species of animal bones in ancient rubbish heaps, the prevalence of purification pools and chalk vessels in Judean settlements, the dating of figural representations in decorative and functional arts, evidence of such practices as tefillin and mezuzot, and much more to reconstruct when ancient Judean society first adopted the Torah as authoritative law.

Focusing on the lived experience of the earliest Torah observers, this investigative study transforms much of what we thought we knew about the genesis and early development of Judaism.

“This pioneering and provocative book constitutes a major contribution to contemporary scholarship on the origins of Judaism. Adler carefully juxtaposes archaeological and literary evidence on key aspects of ancient Jewish identity formation, reframing the debate on the origins of Judaism in terms of what can be established—the facts on the ground. Anyone seriously interested in Judaism’s origins will want to engage with this book.”—Jonathan Klawans, Boston University

“Yonatan Adler’s challenging and judicious analysis of a wealth of archaeological and textual data argues convincingly for the profound significance of the early Hellenistic period in the formation of Judaism as we know it.”—Lawrence Schiffman, New York University

“Based on a fascinating and comprehensive analysis of texts and archaeology, Adler concludes that Judaism emerged either in the early Hellenistic period or in the period following the Maccabean revolt, when, he argues persuasively, the Hasmoneans adopted Pentateuchal law to unify the population of the new Jewish state.”—Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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