The Unification Church Movement

The Unification Church Movement
by Michael L. Mickler 2022

About the Author
Dr. Michael L. Mickler is Professor of Church History and Vice-President of the Unification Theological Seminary, and Director of the Sun Hak Institute of History USA. He is the author of Footprints of True Parents’ Providence: The United States of America (2013), 40 Years in America: An Intimate History of the Unification Movement, 1959-1999 (2000), A History of the Unification Church in America, 1959-74 (1993), and The Unification Church in America: A Bibliography and Research Guide (1987).

About the Book
This recounts the tumultuous history of the Unification Church Movement, deriving from the messianic ministry of MOON Sun Myung (1920–2012). It begins with the UCM’s origins in Korea and traces its development into a global conglomerate of churches, related nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses. Known for its mass marriages, or ‘International Marriage Blessings,’ the UCM has been one of the most controversial new religious movements throughout the world, particularly in Japan and the West. Moon fit Weber’s classic definition of the charismatic leader. The post-Moon UCM is a textbook case of a new religious movement transitioning from its founding to succeeding generations. Utilizing both external documents and internal UCM sources, the account highlights the leading personalities, organizations, and circumstances which facilitated the UCM’s rise, its present challenges, and future development.

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