Lucifer’s Lodge

Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church 2004

About the Author
William H. Kennedy is a writer and speaker whose work focuses on religious, paranormal and counter cultural topics. Kennedy has written articles for academic journals such as Sophia: the Journal of Traditional Studies, AQC Transactions and popular publications like New Dawn & The Gnostic.

In 2004 Kennedy authored Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church followed by Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium & Occult History: Collected Writings 1994-2008.

In 2005 Kennedy began hosting Sphinx Radio which focuses on paranormal topics and founded Mystic Valley Media a book publishing and multimedia service. He started Cogscape Mind Enhancement Technologies in ’07 which produces personal development audio and software programs. Kennedy became an associate editor and writer for Atlan Books in ’08.

Kennedy is a popular guest on television and radio programs in the U.S., Canada & Europe. He has appeared on The Learning Channel, Meridian News (U.K.), Karrang Radio (UK), A Closer Look, Radio Liberty, The Alex Jones Show, The Jeff Rense Program, Deadline Live as well as The ‘ X’ Zone (Canada), among many others.

About the Book
Many people are not only appalled but puzzled by the Catholic pedoplilia scandal. What could explain the Church’s ongoing tendency to protect molesters, even after they have brought that institution to the brink of ruin? William H. Kennedy may have the answer: that behind some of the molestations lies a cabal of Satanists operating within the Catholic Church, sometimes with the protection of high Church officials. Fr. Malachi Martin (Windswept House; Hostage to the Devil), Fr. Charles Fiore (a traditional Catholic priest), and Fr. Alfred Kunz to investigate charges of pedophilia within the Catholic Church, years before the scandal broke. These men believed they had solid evidence that some of the pedophilia was the work of organized Satanists. Fr. Kunz who hosted the Catholic Family Hour radio program in Wisconsin through which he attempted to expose pedophile priests, was murdered in March of 1998, just before Fr. Fiore was to take over the program, effectively silencing both of them. In view of the recent publication of major reports on the Catholic pedophile scandal, which have left many victims unsatisfied, and increasing news coverage of priestly sexual abuse with ritualistic elements, no book could be more timely than Lucifer’s Lodge.

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