Consciousness Unbound

Consciousness Unbound: Liberating Mind from the Tyranny of Materialism
by Edward F. Kelly & Paul Marshall, Editors 2021

About the Book
“Properly advanced science and spirituality serve to strengthen each other, and this magnum opus leads the way! This third book in a trilogy (so far!) offers a well-supported consolidation of empirical data and theoretical frameworks to help usher our world from the bleak and paltry fiction of physicalism into a far better supported model of the universe in which mind is primordial, and human will influences the universe-at-large. This masterpiece illuminates a rational path forward that will favorably support the best of human potential.”
— Eben Alexander III, MD, Neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven

Consciousness Unbound is an ambitious and bold sequel to the pioneering volumes, Irreducible Mind and Beyond Physicalism. It both complements and successfully extends the earlier works’ assault on empirically and conceptually myopic physicalist efforts to account for the role of mind in nature. Acknowledging sensibly that no science is thoroughly empirical, it offers an intriguing buffet of alternative worldviews or metaphysical approaches. And it presents a thoughtful and multifaceted case for adopting some form of idealism. This book should be mandatory reading for those wrestling with these venerable issues.”
— Stephen Braude, professor emeritus of philosophy, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and author of Immortal Remains: Evidence of Life after Death

Consciousness Unbound provides a thoughtful and thorough examination of modern theories about the non-material nature of the universe that are compelling alternatives to the reductive nature of scientific materialism. Each of these theories offers answers to conundrums that materialism cannot explain, such as the nature of near-death experiences, mystical experiences, cases suggestive of reincarnation, and psi phenomena such as precognition. Each chapter offers very engaging reading, and I found myself for the first time receiving a clear explanation of the roots and scientific bases of metaphysical theories such as idealism and dual-aspect monism, as well as their relevance for understanding the nature of the universe. I applaud the authors for making a heady subject accessible to persons of all disciplines. I highly recommend this to all readers who see the real limitations of materialism, but who also want to know more about the scientific evidence and practical benefits of alternative worldviews regarding the nature of reality.”
— Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D., emeritus professor of neuroscience, University of Oregon, author of Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind

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