Judeans in Babylonia

Judeans in Babylonia: A Study of Deportees in the Sixth and Fifth Centuries BCE by Tero Alstola 2020

About the Author
Dr. Tero Alstola, University of Helsinki, is a scholar of Near Eastern cultures and languages interested in studying ancient history with digital tools. His dissertation focused on migration and immigrants in Babylonian society in the first millennium BCE. Afterwards, he has worked in a multidisciplinary research team that developed and applied language technological methods and network analysis to the study of Akkadian cuneiform texts. His current project investigates the relationships between the Babylonian and Persian empires and the rural population, focusing on the ways the empires tried to govern the countryside and the responses of the rural population to these attempts.

About the Book
In Judeans in Babylonia, Tero Alstola presents a comprehensive investigation of deportees in the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. By using cuneiform documents as his sources, he offers the first book-length social historical study of the Babylonian Exile.

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