The Ark of the Covenant in its Egyptian Context

The Ark of the Covenant in its Egyptian Context: An Illustrated Journey
by David A. Falk 2020

About the Author
Dr. David A. Falk is a research associate at the Vancouver School of Theology. He holds a PhD in Egyptology from the University of Liverpool and three masters degrees with concentrations in the Bible and the Ancient Near East from the University of Toronto and Trinity International University. He has published articles on archaeometallurgy, iconography, lexicography, Egyptian ritual, and biblical interpretation. He worked for over twenty years as a computer systems engineer for Disney, GE, Abbott Laboratories, Oracle, and IBM.

About the Book
Although much has been written about the Ark of the Covenant, few authors engage the wealth of information available that pertains to Egyptian material culture. The Ark of the Covenant in Its Egyptian Context: An Illustrated Journey is the first book to explore the complex history of sacred ritual furniture in Egypt that predated the ark by hundreds of years.

Within Egyptian culture, over four hundred examples of ritual furniture exist that shed light on the design and appearance of the ark. These examples form patterns that provide context for the Israelites’ understanding of the ark at the time of its construction. That understanding would have been obvious to the Israelites of the time, but has since become obscured over the millennia. This groundbreaking book is the first to connect the Ark of the Covenant with the archaeology and chronology of ancient Egypt, and it does so in an accessible way with straightforward text and dozens of full-color photographs and graphics.

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